2016 CSU Facilities Management Conference

Educational Tracks

Building a Sustainable Future is a call to action – it requires a shift in every fiber of one’s thinking and in the execution of all planning. While it will take resources and support that at times may seem insurmountable – it is the desire of the human spirit to adapt, lead and transform that will ultimately determine the outcome.

The following educational tracks are the framework for robust conversation and learning the steps toward building a sustainable future for CSU.

Design and Construction envisions and builds the campus’ physical structure. Because this effort leaves a long lasting imprint, it must help lead the way toward creating a broadly considered and sustainable environment. More information »

Planning. Building a sustainable future begins at home and the planning track demonstrates the many ways that campuses have become the cradle of sustainable practices applied to land use, campus facilities, transportation, and conservation. More information »

Energy and Sustainability. In this track, we will explore the emergent and often intersecting domains of energy and sustainability. Attendees will gain perspective of the big picture issues such as state and federal policies and outside funding sources that can include public-private partnerships. More information »

Facilities Operations will bring together Facilities Management leaders from across the CSU system and beyond to share their knowledge and expertise. Together, we will focus on challenges and solutions within today’s campus facility operations. More information »

Interdisciplinary. Teaching and research are moving away from traditional disciplines into more integrated approaches that bring different areas of expertise together to teach, learn, and solve problems. The most exciting innovations are not happening inside the disciplines but rather between them. More information »