2016 CSU Facilities Management Conference


Best Practice in Sustainability

CSU Sacramento | The Closed Loop - A Comprehensive Organic Waste Diversion Program

CSU Sacramento and its Closed Loop program is a comprehensive and cost-saving organic waste diversion program that turns leaves, lawn clippings and wood chips into a clean fuela bio-compressed natural gas that powers a fleet of complimentary campus shuttles. The goals of this project were to decrease Sacramento State’s dependence on fossil fuels, also reducing the amount of lawn waste sent to the landfill… and helping close the loop on campus consumption.

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Judging Criteria

Projects in this category exemplify best practices in promoting sustainability to the campus community through marketing, facilities operations and maintenance, integration into curriculum, and building design and construction. The project will demonstrate reduced negative environmental impact with a positive enhancement to the health and/or socioeconomic equity of the campus community. Other criteria include:


  • Can be replicated on other campuses
  • Demonstrates reduced negative environmental impact
  • Enhances the health and/or socioeconomic equity of the campus community
  • Integrates academic participation into facilities activities
  • Improves employee participation resulting in behavior related activities
  • Establishes a durable benefit
  • Uses unique technology, or other distinct features, special planning,
  • techniques, or approaches used to make it award worthy
  • Clear, thorough, and concise submission

All projects must have been completed between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2016. 

Please direct questions to the Sustainability Committee Chair:
J​illian Buckholz
Director of Sustainability
CSU East Bay
(510) 885-3709