2016 CSU Facilities Management Conference


Best Practice in Construction Delivery

CSU Monterey Bay | Big Demo - Pilot Project

CSU Monterey Bay and its Big Demo - Pilot Project included the demolition and abatement of nine former Fort Ord military structures located on the campus. The pilot project gave three different contractors the opportunity to demolish and abate a sample military building on the campus and in turn, limiting the risk and unknowns inherent in projects of this type. Contractors were also required to recycle 90 percent of non-hazardous building materials, and minimize disruptions to the campus community.

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Judging Criteria

This category includes enhancements to the construction delivery method to solve issues specific to the project. The submittal should reflect how success was measured using the chosen delivery method (e.g., on or below budget; achieved scheduling goals, etc.). The project should incorporate new and improved processes that demonstrate best practices in delivery in innovative and creative ways utilizing new cutting edge methods and techniques expressing the following ideas:

  • How did the project schedule, permitting process, guaranteed maximum price, budget and scope affect the project outcome
  • Were there performance incentives given to the contractor that contributed to the project success
  • What other factors influenced or contributed to the project delivery method that benefitted all stakeholders
  • What enhancements were made to the delivery method to solve issues specific to the project
  • What performance criteria was used to measure the success of the project
  • What innovations or process improvements were developed that contributed to the successful outcome
  • What lessons were learned that could benefit other campuses in the CSU system
  • Show how and what methods were used to keep the project on track for success


All projects must have been completed between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2016. 


Please direct questions to the Construction Delivery Committee Chair:
Kathleen Ventimiglia
Director for Campus Planning and Development
CSU Monterey Bay
(831) 582-4304