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The CSU Accountability Process

The California State University is committed to accounting for its performance by providing periodic reports to the public through the CSU accountability process. The CSU Cornerstones Report (1998) first called for such a system: "The California State University will account for its performance in facilitating the development of its students, in serving the communities in which we reside, and in the continued contribution to the California economy and society, through regular assessment of student achievement and through periodic reports to the public regarding our broader performance."

In 1999 the CSU accountability process was instituted and has since evolved through input provided by the individual campuses, the Alumni Council, the California State Student Association, and the Academic Senate CSU. The systemwide process analyzes the CSU's educational effectiveness and honors the diverse ways in which our campuses help meet the state's educational objectives. Both systemwide and campus outcomes are reported on a regular, cyclical basis, with systemwide performance reported annually and campus performance reported every other year.

CSU Accountability -- 2006 Biennial Reporting
CSU Accountability -- 2004 Biennial Reporting
CSU Accountability -- 2002 Biennial Reporting
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DateSubject Type
August 26, 2004Indicator 1 Campus Submission (18k)Excel
September 27, 20022002 Campus Accountability Reports - Due 10/25/02Memo
May 30, 2002Request for Revised Accountability GoalsMemo
May 29, 2002Accountability Performance DataMemo
February 21, 2002Accountability ModificationMemo
May 30, 2001AY 1999-2000 Data on Accountability Performance Areas and IndicatorsMemo
March 8, 2001Accountability Reports and DeadlinesMemo