Water Policy

CSU Water Staff and Faculty

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Channel Islands


Dominguez Hills

East Bay

  • Joy Andrews, Chemistry/Biochemistry
  • Mitchell Craig, Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Thomas Dalton, Special Consultant, thomas.dalton@csueastbay.edu
  • Christopher Kitting, Biological Sciences chris.kitting@csueastbay.edu
  • Danika Leduc, Chemistry/Biochemistry danika.leduc@csueastbay.edu
  • Michael Lee, Geography and Environmental Sciences
  • Gary Li, Geography and Environmental Sciences
  • Stephanie Molloy, Biological Sciences, stephanie.molloy@csueastbay.edu
  • Jean Moran, Earth and Environmental Sciences, jean.moran@csueastbay.edu
  • Leroy Morishita, Interim President, leroy.morishita@csueastbay.edu
  • Scott Stine, Geography and Environmental Sciences
  • Gregory Theyel, Management, Business and Economics


  • Diganta Adhikari, Center for Irrigation Technology
  • Sharon Benes, Plant Science, Agricultural Science and Technology
  • Steve Blumenshine, Biology, Science and Mathematics sblumens@csufresno.edu
  • Charles Boyer, Agricultural Sciences and Technology cboyer@csufresno.edu
  • John Bushoven, Plant Science, jbushoven@csufresno.edu
  • Peter Canessa, California Water Institute, Agricultural Science and Technology
  • Florence Cassel Sharma, Center for Irrigation Technology, Agricultural Science and Technology
  • Joseph Castro, President,
  • Dave Goorahoo, Plant Science, Agricultural Science and Technology
  • Sargeant Green,California Water Institute sgreen@csufresno.edu
  • John Hagen, Agricultural johnha@csufresno.edu
  • Charles Krauter, Plant Science/CIT, Agricultural Science and Technology
  • Lubo Liu, Civil and Geomatics Engineering, llubo@csufresno.edu
  • Karl Longley, California Water Institute, Agricultural Science and Technology
  • Scott Moore, Continuing and Global Education, scottm@csufresno.edu
  • Edward Norum, Center for Irrigation Technology, Agricultural Science and Technology
  • Ramakrishna Nunna, Engineering rnunna@csufresno.edu
  • Sajeemas Mint Pasakdee, Center for Irrigation Technology, spasakdee@csufresno.edu
  • Fayzul Pasha, Dept. of Civil Engineering
  • James Prince, Biology, Science and Mathematics jamespr@csufresno.edu
  • Laura Ramos, Program Coordinator, lramos@csufresno.edu
  • Samendra Sherchan, Environmental Health, ssherchan@csufresno.edu
  • C. John Suen, Earth and Environmental Science, Science and Mathematics
  • Ellen Suryadi, Project Director, esuryadi@csufresno.edu
  • James Tischer,Center for Irrigation Technology jtischer@csufresno.edu
  • Brian Tsukimura, Biology, Science and Mathematics briant@csufresno.edu
  • Kaomine Vang,Center for Irrigation Technology kaominev@csufresno.edu
  • Zhi (Luke) Wang, Earth and Environmental Science
  • John Weddington, Center for Irrigation Technology, Agricultural Science and Technology
  • Alice Wright, Biology, Science and Mathematics awright@csufresno.edu
  • William Wright, Civil and Geomatics Engineering
  • Dilruba Yeasmin, GIS Specialist, yeasmin@email.arizona.edu
  • David Zoldoske, Agricultural Science and Technology



Long Beach

Los Angeles

  • Andres Aguilar, Biological Sciences, Andres.Aguilar61@calstatela.edu
  • Andre S. Ellis, Ph.D., Natural and Social Sciences aellis3@calstatela.edu
  • Barry J. Hibbs, Ph.D., Natural and Social Science bhibbs@cslstatela.edu
  • Hong-lie Qiu, Ph.D., Natural and Social Sciences hqui@calstatela.edu
  • James Rosser, President, jrosser@cslanet.calstatela.edu
  • Hengchun Ye, Geography and Urban Analysis hye2@calstatela.edu

Monterey Bay




  • Edward Bobich, Biological Sciences, egbobich@csupomona.edu
  • Julianna Delgado, Urban and Regional Planning, jdelgado@csupomona.edu
  • Robert L. Green, rlgreen@csupomona.edu
  • Ramesh Kumar, Plant Sciences, Agriculture rkumar@csupomona.edu
  • Jeff Marshall, Geological Sciences marshall@csupomona.edu
  • Meredith McKenzie, Urban and Regional Planning
  • Jerry Mitchell, Urban and Regional Planning, Environmental Design
  • Sowmya Mitra, Plant Sciences, Agriculture
    smitra @csupo@example.com @example.com @example.commona.edu
  • Jon Nourse, Geological Sciences janourse@csupo.edu
  • J. Micheal Ortiz, President, jmo@csupomona.edu
  • Stephen Osborn, Geological Sciences, sgosoborn@csupomona.edu
  • Mónica Palomo, Civil Engineering mpalomo@csuponoma.edu
  • Seema C Shah-Fairbank, Civil Engineering shahfairbank@csuponoma.edu
  • Gerald O Taylor Jr., Landscape Architecture, Environmental Design jotaylor@csupomona.edu
  • Eudell Vis, Plant Sciences, Agriculture


San Bernadino

San Diego

San Francisco

San Jose

San Luis Obispo

San Marcos

  • Karen S. Haynes, President
  • Katherine Kantardjieff, Science and Mathematics, kkantard@csusm.edu
  • Jill Litschewski, Director, Science and Mathematics Programs, Extended Learning
  • Wesley Schultz, Dean, Graduate Studies and Research
  • Robert Sheath, Biology, rsheath@csusm.edu
  • George Vourlitis, Biology, georgev@csusm.edu



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