Water Policy

2012 Conference Material

Conference Program

CSU Faculty Panel (A) Presentation
Rob Negrini (Bakersfield), Doug Smith (Monterey Bay), Jeff Thompson (San Bernardino)
CSU Faculty Panel (B) Presentation
Jean Moran (East Bay), Matt Rahn (San Diego), Juneseok Lee (San Jose)
AB 20 Update
Sue DeRosa (Sponsored Program Administration-Office of the Chancellor)

Student Posters

Effect of Organic and UAN-32 Fertilization on Bok Choy and Soil Properties

Yield, Fruit Quality and Plant Nutrition of Tomatoes Subjected to Elevated Carbon Dioxide

Effect of Irrigation, Surfactant and Fertilizer Rates on Chlorophyll Content in Tomato Leaves

Modeling Nitrous Oxide Emissions from California Cropping Systems