Water Policy


The Water Resources and Policy Initiatives will help achieve a long-tem, sustainable water supply for California through education, research and policy development while balancing the needs of urban, agricultural and environmental concerns.


The Water Resources and Policy Initiatives (WRPI) is designed to target the capabilities and resources within the twenty-three California State University campuses to provide academic preparation, applied research and policy development that addresses all aspects of water use. WRPI serves to focus synergistically with the many centers and programs of excellence within the CSU on water issues. The scope of WRPI activities incldue:

  • Provide critical faculty and staff based expertise to support California’s need for appropriate and sustainable water resources in the 21st century;
  • Promote the need for education, training and professional capacity development with the water industry, governmental agencies, and the wider community;
  • Support the development of new and advanced water technologies and services that will help drive economic development and job creation.
Key Goals
  • Partnerships with the water industry and government agencies
  • Education, training and professional capacity building
  • Technology and economic development
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