Water Policy

FY 2011 - 2012 Faculty Release Assign Time Awards


  • Water Resources Community Project at Gateway Science Museum CSU, Chico - Rachel Teasdale


  • Physical, biological, cultural, and economic impacts of metering residential water use in Fresno, CA -William Wright, Madhusudan Katti, Peter K. Van de Water


  • Developing Plant-based Measures for Irrigation Scheduling of Fruit and Nut Tree Orchards in California -H. Jochen Schenk, Edward Bobich


  • Developing and Evaluating the Impervious Area Connectivity Map for the Lake Tahoe Basin Using an Integrated LiDar/GIS-Based Modeling Approach - Mahesh Rao

Long Beach

  • Nanotechnology Applications to Water Resources: Research, Curriculum, and Capacity Building - Tulin Mangir
  • Heavy Metal Removal Efficiency by Constructed Wetlands in California - Jin-Lee Kim
  • Making Our Waters Safe: Removing Carcinogenic Nitrosamines by Oxidizing Radical Reactions from Recycled Waters - Stephen Peter Mezyk, Jussi Eloranta


Los Angeles

  • Social Justice, Policy, and Science Resources for Teaching and Researching Water - Kathleen Sullivan, Crist Khachikian


  • Educating Southern California Community to Sustain Water Future: Water Education Initiative - Monica Palomo, Seema Shah-Fairbank, Jun Myers

San Francisco

  • Effects of Climate Variability on Groundwater Resources of California and the USA - Jason Gurdak

San Jose

  • Uncertainty Quantification for Climate Model Projections: Applications to California Water Resource Assessment - Eugene Cordero, Samuel Shen
  • Benefit Cost Analysis of Rainwater Harvesting: Focusing on Water-Energy Nexus - Juneseok Lee, Anita Chaudry, Suzanne Dallman

San Luis Obispo

  • Improving Flow Measurement Accuracy of Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers - Daniel Howes


  • The Stanislaus Partnership: CSU-USFS Collaborative Education Promoting Careers in Watershed Science and Natural Resources - Matthew Cover

Key Goals
  • Partnerships with the water industry and government agencies
  • Education, training and professional capacity building
  • Technology and economic development
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