2011-12 Philanthropic Annual Report

California State University, Monterey Bay

Contribution Highlights

  • CSU Monterey Bay received a planned gift of $1.3 million to support the Music and Performing Arts Department in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. The gift will ensure that these programs continue to serve students for many years. The campus is grateful for this generous gift and to the donor, who wishes to remain anonymous.
  • The Lumina Foundation awarded CSU Monterey Bay $200,000 of a $500,000 grant to improve the effectiveness of developmental education courses at three Hispanic-serving institutions: CSU Monterey Bay and two local community colleges. The project is critical to the success of underrepresented, first generation, low-income students. Faculty from CSU Monterey Bay and the local community colleges collaboratively exchange best practices and develop innovative courses that ensure success in developmental math and writing. The goal is to provide outstanding preparation opportunities for all students and to increase the transfer rate from community college to the university and the completion rate of students at the university.
  • The Oreggia Family Foundation awarded a $54,000 grant to support the research interests of Science and Environmental Policy faculty serving the agricultural community in the Salinas Valley. The funds purchased irrigation and monitoring equipment to be used in conjunction with research on agriculture-related water quality, water efficiency, best watershed management practices, and mitigation. This gift reflects the campusí efforts to partner with the surrounding agricultural community to address its needs.
Gift Commitments 2011/12
New Gifts $5,242,429
New Pledges $525,816
Testamentary Commitments $0
Native American and Local Government Contributions $0
Total $5,768,245

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Charitable Gift Receipts
New Gifts $5,242,429
Pledge Payments $870,610
2011/12 Total $6,113,039

Charitable Gifts:
A 3-Year History
Charitable Gifts: A 3-Year History
2009/10 $3,692,736
2010/11 $4,191,128
2011/12 $6,113,039

Charitable Gifts by
Source of Gift
Charitable Gifts by Source of Gift
Alumni circle for pie chartAlumni 0.51%
Parents circle for pie chartParents 0.14%
Other Individuals circle for pie chartOther Individuals 41.14%
Foundations circle for pie chartFoundations 44.22%
Corporations circle for pie chartCorporations 12.42%
Other Organizations circle for pie chartOther Organizations 1.58%

Charitable Gifts by
Gift Disbursement
Charitable Gifts by Gift Disbursement
Program circle for pie chartPrograms 55.50%
Campus ImprovementsCampus Improvements 0.72%
Endowment circle for pie chartEndowment 18.94%
Unrestricted circle for pie chartUnrestricted 3.17%
Other circle for pie chartOther 21.67%