2011-12 Philanthropic Annual Report

Annual Report Highlights

Philanthropic support provides a margin of excellence that allows us to enhance our programs, help more students, and fulfill our critical mission. This report details the fundraising accomplishments of CSU campuses and includes analysis of endowment, benchmarking performance, giving by source, and giving by purpose. Take a moment to review this year's systemwide data overview.

Gift Receipts: Charitable gift receipts totaled over $240 million, the same amount raised last year. Gift receipts are a combination of new gifts and pledge payments. Read more
Gift Commitments: Adjusting for one extraordinary pledge of $42 million in the previous year, gift commitments stayed relatively level at $297 million. Gift commitments are comprised of new gifts, pledges and testamentary provisions. Read more
Endowment Market Value: In 2011-2012, donors contributed $45.6 million in new gifts toward endowments. Collectively, CSU institutions distributed nearly $37.5 million from endowment. Read more
Individuals Giving: Gifts from individuals include giving from alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students and friends of the university. In 2011-2012, gift receipts from individuals increased to $107 million. Read more
Organizations Giving: Gifts from organizations include giving from corporations, foundations, and other organizations, such as the United Way. In 2011-2012, gift receipts from organizations decreased $133 million. Read more
Charitable Gifts by Source: In 2011-2012, alumni donors contributed $40 million, or 37 percent of giving from individuals. The aggregate value, $69.7 million, of foundation gifts equaled nearly one third of all charitable gift receipts. Read more
Charitable Gifts by Purpose: Of all charitable gifts received, 97 percent were designated to specific interests identified by the donor. Only $7.7 million received was unrestricted. Read more