2009-10 Philanthropic Annual Report
Chancellor Reed

Message from the Chancellor

The California State University’s mission is built on providing access to students. Yet providing access has become one of the CSU’s greatest challenges with the state budget. The state of California is steeped in a financial crisis at the same time there is an incredible demand for higher education. Like most public universities throughout the country, the California State University is challenged with determining how to serve more students with fewer resources.

While some of our funding has been restored for 2011, we are still in a precarious position as the state budget shortfall is predicted to increase in the coming years. But our focus on serving students has been—and must continue to be—unwavering. Our approach is to manage our resources with the most efficiency so that we can continue to deliver affordable, high-quality education.

To meet students’ needs, we are offering more classes on evenings and weekends. This helps us accommodate students who have full- or part-time work responsibilities, and makes better use of our facilities. Additionally, we have begun to offer more courses online.

We have also implemented a Graduation Initiative and an Early Start program. Both of these efforts will help students be better prepared to take on the academic rigor of our universities long before they reach our universities, which will help them graduate on time.

This year, we sponsored landmark legislation that will streamline the community college transfer process for students who want to come to the CSU. The Community College Transfer Bill establishes a transfer Associate of Arts degree that will ensure that students enter the CSU with the appropriate courses and credit hours, saving them time and money.

The CSU is continuing to find new ways to reach out to California’s rapidly growing population of students from traditionally underserved communities. We now have comprehensive programs in African American churches, Latino neighborhoods, Asian community centers, Native American reservations, and on military bases.

Our partnerships with industry have grown stronger as employers help us understand how to better prepare our students for a highly competitive workforce.

Behind many of these efforts are the donors and supporters who are crucial to our success, and to our student’s success. Your steadfast commitment has proven invaluable in helping us provide outstanding programs and services at a time when resources are scarce. Your investment makes our universities stronger and our students better equipped to succeed in a complex and ever-changing world.

Universities may suffer from funding shortfalls, but that does not mean we are powerless to effect change. With your continued partnership, we will help ensure that all students are given the opportunity to learn.

Charles B. Reed - Chancellor