2009-10 Philanthropic Annual Report

Benchmarking Performance

Girl holding booksThe factors for determining peer groups, which are outlined on Appendix Chart II, include the number of full-time professional fundraisers, the number of individual donors, and the endowment market value. These factors have been determined as the leading indicators for fundraising success.

Three-Year History of Gift Commitments
by Group
Three-Year History of Gift Commitments by Group

Charitable Commitments as a Percentage of the State General Fund Allocation
  2007/08 2008/09 2009/10
Gift Commitments* $441,740,420 $363,926,355 $265,200,484
State General Fund $2,803,801,463 $2,795,240,005 $2,166,062,017
Total Gift Commitments as a %
of State General Fund Allocation
16% 13% 12%
Group I Average 10% 9% 8%
Group II Average 12% 10% 10%
Group III Average 30% 23% 23%

*Includes gift commitments to Chancellor's Office.