2005-2006 Annual Report on External Support to the CSU

Three-Year History of External Support

Three-Year History of External Support
2003/04 $1,282,251,227
2004/05 $1,369,080,050
2005/06 $1,377,726,506
In each of the last three years, over $1 billion in external support has helped the California State University achieve its mission. While the CSU depends on state funds to support core educational functions, the university increasingly relies on the generosity of private donors and government partners. This support is not a substitute for state support but rather provides a margin of excellence that helps the CSU have enormous impact on California’s economic, social and cultural prosperity.

As a system, the university seeks to raise gift commitments in excess of 10 percent of the state general fund allocation. To reach this achievement, campuses have been divided into three peer groups to benchmark performance related to philanthropic productivity. The eleven Group I campuses are striving to build the capacity to raise gift commitments equivalent to 10 percent of the state general fund allocation. The eight Group II campuses seek to raise between 10 and 15 percent of the state general fund allocation. The four Group III campuses endeavor to raise more than 15 percent of the state general fund allocation. The factors for determining peer groups include the number of full-time professional fundraisers, the number of individual donors, and the market value of the campus endowment, which are outlined on Appendix Chart III. These factors have been determined as the leading indicators for fundraising success.

Charitable Commitments as a Percentage of the State General Fund Allocation
  2003/04 2004/05 2005/06
Gift Commitments $281,307,249 $285,147,712 $285,572,143
State General Fund $2,248,646,700 $2,201,913,380 $2,360,976,580
Total Gift Commitments as a %
of State General Fund Allocation
13% 13% 12%
Group I Average 7% 7% 8%
Group II Average 11% 11% 11%
Group III Average 24% 22% 19%
System Average 11% 11% 12%

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