2005-2006 Annual Report on External Support to the CSU

2005-2006 Annual Report on External Support to the CSU

The California State University was founded more than four decades ago with the mission to provide access to a quality higher education for California’s students. Now serving over 430,000 students at 23 campuses across the state, the CSU has grown into the country’s largest, most diverse, and most affordable four-year public university system. It is the state’s major pipeline for the highly skilled workers needed for California’s key industries such as agriculture, business, technology, media, and computer science, graduating nearly 88,000 students each year.

Charitable gift receipts, a combination of new gift receivables and pledge payments, totaled nearly $216 million. In 2005-2006, the university received $125 million in operational support to provide access for a richly diverse student population and to enhance the learning experience:

  • $13 million for student scholarships
  • $39 million for academic programs
  • $7 million for applied research
  • $1 million for faculty compensation
  • $2 million for library operations
  • $16 million for athletics
  • $25 million for public service programs
  • $3 million for physical plant operations
  • $19 million for other operation needs

To support the future capacity of the university, over $22 million was contributed to build state- of-the-art libraries, technologically advanced laboratories, contemporary performing arts centers, and expanded athletic facilities. Additionally, donors added over $43 million to university endowments, creating a lasting legacy of support. Irrevocable deferred gifts accounted for nearly $18 million, in future support. Loan funds of $1 million rounded out the $85 million in capital support.

Of all charitable gifts received, 97 percent were designated to specific interests identified by the donor. Less than $6 million received was unrestricted and available to be directed to the university’s most pressing needs.

In addition to charitable support, the university received over $1 billion in operating grants and contracts revenue. Student financial assistance in the form of Pell Grants, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants and Work Study programs accounted for much of the $693 million received in federal grants.

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