System Highlights

Voluntary Support

  • The CSU achieved its best fundraising results ever in 2001/2002.
  • Total voluntary support for the CSU system was $257.2 million, up from $248.2 million— a 3.8 percent increase.
  • Alumni giving and giving from individuals declined in 2001/2002, but giving from foundations, and especially from corporations, more than made up for the loss.
  • San Diego State led the system in fundraising revenue by raising over $52 million, an increase of 25 percent from the $42 million raised the previous year.
  • San Diego State and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo each exceeded $40 million in revenue.
  • Two additional campuses exceeded $20 million—Long Beach State and Fresno State.
  • Half of all voluntary support goes to the day-to-day campus operations of the academic programs of the CSU.

Special Revenue

  • Special revenue reached a CSU high in 2001/2002.
  • Special revenue increased from $668 million to $738 million—an increase of 7 percent.
  • Combined income from contracts and grants exceeded $500 million or three-quarters of all special revenue.


  • CSU’s endowment market value reached a record high in 2001/2002, growing to $492.7 million, more than 8 percent higher than the previous year.
  • CSU campuses and the CSU Foundation contributed $44.1 million to endowment in 2001/2002, compensating for a down stock market.

Alumni and Individual Giving

  • Giving from individuals surpassed $93 million in 2001/2002.
  • Alumni giving totaled $21.9 million.
  • The average alumni gift was $325.

Pledges, Bequests and Revocable Trusts

  • Pledges to the CSU set a record, reaching $107.5 million, an increase of 36 percent. Adding deferred gifts from bequest expectancies and trusts, total future giving will reach nearly $135 million.
  • Multi-year pledges increased from $78.6 million to $107.5 million.

Corporate and Foundation Giving

  • Giving from corporations, foundations and other organizations set a CSU record of $164.3 million.
  • Corporate giving exceeded $100 million for the first time, an increase of 31 percent.
  • Foundation giving rose 7 percent.

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