Contracts Awarded Report

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CampusContractor's NameContract NumberAmountAward Date
Cal State San MarcosLANDGRAPHICS ENTERPRISES INC0000013239$90,000.002/9/2016
Cal State San Marcos72 HR LLC DBA CHEVROLET WATSONVILLE NATL0000013221$84,210.761/28/2016
Cal State San MarcosGOOD-MEN ROOFING & CONSTRUCTION INC0000013197$59,687.531/19/2016
Cal State San MarcosDIGITAL ARCHITECTURE INC0000013184$64,680.001/11/2016
Cal State San MarcosACADEMIC PARTNERSHIPS LLC0000012883$2,045,000.881/6/2016
Cal State San MarcosENERNOC INC0000013148$88,082.9312/18/2015
Cal State San MarcosMODO LABS INC0000013145$54,375.0012/17/2015
Cal State San MarcosPOCKET NURSE ENTERPRISES INC0000013115$64,340.4612/4/2015
Cal State San MarcosISES CORP0000013083$88,215.0011/13/2015
Cal State San MarcosMOTOROLA INC0000013063$61,763.8911/2/2015
Cal State San MarcosKEYENCE CORP OF AMERICA0000013047$51,048.8010/26/2015
Cal State San MarcosPARRON HALL OFFICE INTRS0000013045$63,982.5710/22/2015
Cal State San MarcosISAACSON MILLER INC0000013031$76,600.0010/14/2015
Cal State San MarcosSIMI US MOTION INC0000013015$60,049.0810/6/2015
Cal State San MarcosGOOD-MEN ROOFING & CONSTRUCTION INC0000012983$139,942.549/18/2015
Cal State San MarcosGLOBAL CAPTIONING SOLS INC DBA ECAPTIONS0000012979$129,000.009/17/2015
Cal State San MarcosGARTNER INC0000012971$52,666.679/16/2015
Cal State San MarcosCOMPUTER PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY INC0000012969$55,686.379/16/2015
Cal State San MarcosWILSON-BENNETT TECHNOLOGY INC0000012956$70,850.009/11/2015
Cal State San MarcosATKINS NORTH AMERICA INC0000012940$57,220.009/2/2015
Cal State San MarcosSIERRA-CEDAR INC0000012917$72,273.008/20/2015
Cal State San Marcos72 HR LLC DBA CHEVROLET WATSONVILLE NATL0000012914$50,239.668/19/2015
Cal State San Marcos72 HR LLC DBA CHEVROLET WATSONVILLE NATL0000012910$59,601.108/19/2015
Cal State San MarcosSIERRA-CEDAR INC0000012864$633,450.008/3/2015
Cal State San MarcosAPICS SAN DIEGO CHAPTER0000012863$60,000.008/3/2015