Contracts Awarded Report

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CampusContractor's NameContract NumberAmountAward Date
Cal State East BayDATA KABLE TECHNOLOGY INC0000017128$357,335.506/22/2011
Cal State East BaySHERMAN CLAY PIANOS0000016790$74,530.036/17/2011
Cal State East BayALAMEDA COUNTY OFFICE OF EDUC0000017206$124,960.006/17/2011
Cal State East BayHUNTSMAN ARCHITECTURAL GROUP0000017127$75,000.006/13/2011
Cal State East BayJOHNSON CONTROLS0000017193$73,771.006/13/2011
Cal State East BayPACIFIC INDUSTRIAL ELECTRIC0000017188$1,547,464.006/10/2011
Cal State East BayOLYMPUS AMERICA INC0000016909$138,293.086/10/2011
Cal State East BayPASCO SCIENTIFIC0000016913$128,878.716/7/2011
Cal State East BayAPPLIED BIOSYSTEMS BUSINESS0000016906$119,183.196/3/2011
Cal State East BayWEST VALLEY CONSTRUCTION CO INC0000017187$307,122.006/2/2011
Cal State East BayJA WOOLLAM CO INC0000016916$50,847.186/1/2011
Cal State East BayVOX NETWORK SOLUTIONS0000017184$56,621.235/25/2011
Cal State East BayDEL CONTE'S LANDSCAPING INC0000016914$112,563.005/24/2011
Cal State East BayIONIAN CONSTRUCTION INC0000016621$678,000.005/24/2011
Cal State East BayAT & T DATACOMM0000017149$181,285.365/17/2011
Cal State East BayAT & T DATACOMM0000017150$110,463.485/17/2011
Cal State East BayARIZONA CONTINENTAL FLOORING CO0000016620$587,888.005/16/2011
Cal State East BayMUSSON THEATRICAL INC0000016755$57,170.155/13/2011
Cal State East BayAD INSTRUMENTS INC0000016910$52,076.385/13/2011
Cal State East BayATV VIDEO CTR0000017151$61,030.885/11/2011
Cal State East BayFISHER SCIENTIFIC CO0000016881$122,234.505/10/2011
Cal State East BayATI ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS0000016777$83,080.004/20/2011
Cal State East BayVMWARE INC0000016955$76,258.074/14/2011
Cal State East BayDELL MARKETING L P0000016904$342,373.684/10/2011
Cal State East BayDELL MARKETING L P0000016900$94,269.044/8/2011