Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum

The Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) is another unit pattern that California community college students can use to fulfill all lower-division general education requirements at any CSU or UC campus. The IGETC requires completion of a minimum of 37 semester or 49 quarter units of lower-division work with a C grade or better in each course (C- is not allowed).

Requirements of the IGETC are:

  • Area 1 - English Communication
  • Area 2 - Mathematical Concepts and Quantitative Reasoning
  • Area 3 - Arts and Humanities
  • Area 4 - Social and Behavior Sciences
  • Area 5 - Physical and Biological Sciences

Each California Community College has a list of courses that can be applied in each of the areas. The list is available on the ASSIST articulation website.