California Community College Priority Transfer Agreements

As a California Community College student, you may be eligible for priority transfer to your local CSU campus. There are two types of transfer agreements:

  • Transfer Admissions Agreement (TAA); and
  • Transfer Admissions Guarantee (TAG).

Both the TAA & the TAG secure you a place at the campus specified in the agreement, as long as you meet the required conditions.

To apply for a transfer guarantee:

  1. Obtain a copy of the TAG or TAA contract (whichever is available) from your community college transfer center. The TAA or TAG specifies:
    • The courses you must complete before transferring;
    • The minimum GPA you must earn and maintain;
    • The number of units required to transfer; and
    • The specific requirements for high-demand majors.
  2. Meet with your community college transfer counselor and complete the TAA or TAG and the General Education Breadth certification plan.

  3. Successfully complete the coursework and any other conditions specified in your transfer guarantee agreement and the CSU or IGETC plan.

  4. Submit your application for the semester specified in your agreement.

You may only complete one agreement (TAA or TAG). However, you can apply to as many CSU campuses as you like. If transfer plans change, you are not obligated to attend the TAA schools in which you have an agreement.