Teacher Professional Development:  Continuing Commitment to Teacher Quality
Enhancing teacher quality at all stages is central to the mission of the California State University.
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Many key CSU initiatives, such as the Early Assessment Program (EAP), are based on a strong foundation of programs for professional learning. Teachers develop ways to better prepare students for the skills expected in college English and mathematics through specially designed workshops and online professional learning. CSU programs include the Reading Institutes for Academic Preparation, the Expository Reading and Writing Course workshops, EAP mathematics workshops, and EAP administrator sessions and resources.

CSU professional development offerings are diverse and reflect partnerships with many organizations. Professional development programs in science promote important connections between institutions of research, education, and industry as they introduce teachers to real-world applications of science and engineering. These programs augment the work of the CSU Mathematics and Science Teacher Initiative and provide avenues for supporting the retention of mathematics and science teachers.

The California Subject Matter Projects represent another dynamic interagency collaboration for teacher professional development in which the CSU is a key partner. In collaboration with the University of California (UC), the CSU is host to all nine areas of subject matter projects across 22 campuses. The CSU offers professional development in a variety of curricular areas, including mathematics, science, reading and literature, writing, history-social science, physical education and health, foreign language, international studies, and the arts.