Teacher Education

Teacher Education & Public School Programs

Teacher Education & Public School Programs The CSU is meeting its commitment to prepare more high quality teachers for California's K-12 sector. Increased recruitment efforts, the development of new and innovative preparation programs and the implementation of expanded and flexible scheduling of teacher preparation program offerings have resulted in an increasing number of teachers who complete their professional education in the CSU. The CSU also continues to add to the knowledge of the profession by carrying out research on teaching and learning that is critical to the development of education in California.

At present, the CSU is being called upon to further expand its preparation of teachers to meet the needs of school districts in regions across California. Teacher shortages in the state are projected to last for the next decade, and the system and its campuses have initiated major efforts to meet the demand for new teachers. The CSU Deans of Education have prepared a comprehensive White Paper: State Teacher Shortage and Recommendations, to help guide these efforts. It addresses such issues: as financial aid for candidates—both scholarships and loan assumption; outreach and recruitment, with special attention to diversity; early experiences engaging candidates in teaching; and collaboration with community colleges.