Math and Science Teacher Initiative

CSU Stanislaus

CSU Stanislaus has created new and expedited pathways for math and science credentials, including math and science teaching internships and articulated pathways with community colleges, accompanied by widespread dissemination of information. The Math and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI) provides support services to teacher candidates, including one-on-one advising, examination preparation, [paid] early field experiences in teaching, faculty mentoring and increased financial aid incentives.   To increase the support of math and science teacher candidates and enhance communication and articulation between the campus and other groups in order to facilitate the successful completion of teacher education admissions requirements, MSTI has advanced collaboration between the CSU Stanislaus College of Education, College of Natural Sciences, Department of Teacher Education and K-12 schools, community colleges, academic and paraprofessional programs, and teacher organizations in the region.

To assist candidates with successful completion of the California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET) and California Basic Education Skills Test (CBEST), MSTI sponsors year-round examination preparation workshops.  An intensive CSET preparation Summer institute is also available to students pursuing a math credential. Federal, state and campus-based financial aid incentives are available to qualified math and science teacher candidates.   Scholarships and grants, many specific to math and science credentialing, as well as student loans and loan assumption programs assist with education and credentialing expenses, including tuition, books, school supplies and examination, fingerprinting and application fees. To supplement classroom instruction and provide early field experience opportunities for math and science teacher candidates, University students are hired as 7-12 grade science and mathematics coaches, tutors, and mentors for the CSU Stanislaus High School Mathematics Program (HiMAP) and Stanislaus County Office of Education ARCHES Central Valley Regional Collaborative and APIP Advanced Placement Incentive Program. Paid summer field experience, professional development and tutoring opportunities are available through pre-service teacher internships and local math and science summer camps, academies and institutes. The Math and Science Teacher Initiative is housed in the College of Education Teacher Recruitment & Retention Office.  Contact and support services information can be found on the MSTI website below or by e-mailing

CSU Stanislaus MSTI