Math and Science Teacher Initiative

San Jose State University

At San José State University, a sizable percentage of single subject math and science credential candidates are career changers, making a transition from their Silicon Valley careers to teaching in the fields of math or science. This group represents a talented pool of scientists, engineers, and high tech leaders who wish to give back to their community by becoming teachers. San Jose State provides one-on-one advising sessions for this group, focusing on the challenges of changing careers as well as the required steps for applying to our credential program.

A growing number of K-8 credential students are interested in teaching at the middle school level, and San José State University has a Middle Level Emphasis program option for students who pursue that avenue.  MSTI funding has enabled the College of Education, in cooperation with the College of Science, to provide additional support for students in this program to pursue the foundational level credential in mathematics and science.

San José State University continues to invest in drawing from its local population of science and mathematics undergraduates.  Undergraduate advisors work with the College of Education to host recruitment efforts, connect undergraduates with tutoring opportunities, and provide financial and academic support for meeting subject matter competency requirements to enter the field.

Finally, SJSU provides the opportunity for students to enroll in an intern cohort that begins each summer and offers an initial Secondary Science methods course. Students planning to be interns enroll in this methods course and other basic courses and can start teaching in the fall. Because candidates are prepared to serve as intern teachers upon the completion of this program this represents a highly efficient pathway to a credential. An SJSU faculty member is made available as an advisor for students during the summer, enabling them to plan a program of study that matches their background and interests.

San Jose State MSTI