Math and Science Teacher Initiative

San Diego State University

At San Diego State University, the MSTI program is a collaborative project among the College of Education, College of Sciences, the San Diego Mathematics Project, local high school districts and community college partners. This collaboration has allowed outreach and recruitment efforts to accelerate the campus’ success in recruiting more students into mathematics and science credential pathways. MSTI staff has developed a range of strategies that include individualized advising, opportunities to pursue a number of different credential pathways, and assistance in obtaining financial aid.  MSTI collaborates with Math for America San Diego, a fellowship program that provides financial assistance and support for pre-service and newly credentialed teachers.

Working with district and community college partners allows SDSU MSTI to hire local community college and SDSU mathematics and science students to tutor in mathematics and science classes and after school programs in Sweetwater and San Diego Unified schools.

Collaboration with the San Diego Mathematics Project (SDMP) allows SDSU MSTI to provide high quality preparation classes for the Foundational Level Mathematics (FLM) and the Foundational Level General Science (FLGS) CSET tests.

San Diego State University draws upon the expertise of mathematics and science faculty in the College of Science who serve as credential advisors. Students are referred to these content experts in the academic disciplines for individual advisement, evaluation of transcripts, course recommendations, and for selecting the credential pathway most suitable for them. Faculty in the College of Education provide advising and information about credential program requirements.

San Diego State MSTI