Math and Science Teacher Initiative

CSU San Bernardino

The Math Department, collaboration with the College of Education, has designed a new integrated Math BA and Credential program that allows students to graduate in four years with both a BA Teaching Track (BATT) and a single-subject credential in mathematics. The Biology Department has also collaborated with the College of Education in developing a streamlined option that combines the BA and teaching Credential.

The Robert Noyce Program Math and Science Scholars for the Inland Empire is supported by the National Science Foundation and has proven to be highly attractive option for math and science majors. Students benefit from receiving mentorship from an experienced teacher and complete ten units of the credential program. Each student shadows their skilled master teacher of secondary math in middle or high school, observes in his/her classroom, and meets to analyze and discuss these observations.  Monthly seminars are conducted and include the Noyce scholars, the mentor teachers, and CSU San Bernardino and school district personnel.

The Math Club on the campus has a program of peer tutoring with three objectives:
(1) to provide ongoing support for math majors that will assist them in completing the BATT in a timely fashion
(2) to encourage students to become teachers by giving them an opportunity to experience the excitement of teaching and the rewards of helping another person to understand a subject they teach them
(3) to make financial assistance available to the tutors. The Math Club offers a tutoring program in local schools.  The tutors are supported in their work through a 2-unit seminar course that provides tutors with preparation in effective teaching and learning strategies.

The Department of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education has undertaken a mandatory advising session in each of our undergraduate and post-baccalaureate math and science credential classes to introduce an advanced degree program as a means to receive the necessary content information to make students eligible to take the FLGS and FLM CSET Examinations.

We have substantial efforts, both at CSUSB and local Community Colleges, to attract the best and brightest into the Biology Integrated Teaching Track (ITT) program.  This includes distribution of printed material, increases recruitment efforts in lower- and upper-division classrooms, and increased outreach at Community Colleges. Recruitment is also occurring into the new Chemistry – Integrated Teaching Track and Geology – Integrated Teaching Track programs.  The Departments of Geology and Chemistry have new ITT programs, and recruitment efforts will begin in lower- and upper-division classrooms, and at Community Colleges. 

We fund qualified students with “Excellence in Science Teaching” scholarship support.  Qualified Biology, Chemistry and Geology students will be supported with up to $4000 per year in financial aid.

CSET preparation for students includes our offering courses/workshops on CSET test preparation. We will continue developing and offering web-based tutoring for CSET preparation in Biology, Chemistry and Geology. Students must be in an ITT program in the sciences, and must be concurrently taking science content and education coursework to participate.

CSU San Bernardino MSTI