Math and Science Teacher Initiative

CSU Sacramento

CSU Sacramento has created a Center for Mathematics and Science Teaching Careers in order to support the campus population of students who have an interest in becoming math or science teachers. The active center is focused on the needs of individual students, providing resources, information, support, encouragement, and early field experiences. The Center for Math and Science Teaching Careers addresses the need for students to have timely access to information, a range of interactions with interested faculty, a supportive environment, and opportunities to experience teaching roles before committing to a program. The center also assists students by providing information and advising regarding the options for obtaining a teaching credential.

CSU Sacramento offers a single subject blended program in mathematics -that integrates undergraduate and teacher education. This program, which is academically strong in both content and pedagogical preparation, is a partnership between the Colleges of Education and Science.

The campus has a Foundational Level Math and a Science Intern Credential Program that serves technically and scientifically trained professionals, and other qualified students, with a range of backgrounds. The goal is to maintain a flexible program that allows individuals to obtain their credential in a modest length of time while serving as an Intern teacher. To help accomplish this, CSU Sacramento has developed modular courses that aid in candidates’ academic preparation, enabling them to obtain credentials while simultaneously being employed as Intern teachers.

CSU Sacramento MSTI