Math and Science Teacher Initiative

Cal Poly Pomona

Cal Poly Pomona has included a range of early field experience activities, extending beyond classroom observation, in its MSTI program. After school tutoring in local high schools is one example of how future teachers participate in the program and gain early teaching experiences. Cal Poly Pomona students also have the opportunity to become Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) tutors at the middle school level. With such roles as shadowing teachers, working with students, correcting assignments, and participating in lesson preparation, Cal Poly Pomona students are actively involved in the -instructional process.

Cal Poly Pomona has also established a successful partnership withhigh-need schools in the local service area, including a high school that provides a teacher education demonstration classroom on school grounds. The science content courses for pre-service teachers are taught in this classroom, allowing for not only early field experienceopportunitiesbut also for the blending of school environment and exemplary teaching methods within the urban context that many Cal Poly Pomona students willmostly likely findthemselves in the future.

The program includes a range of activities such as a Saturday “Day with Pythagoras,” which provides Cal Poly pre-service candidates with the opportunity to interact on a personal basis with small groups of students in engaging learning activities in mathematics.  At events of this nature, MSTI students design activities that facilitate the learning of mathematical concepts by middle school students in a hands-on, interactive manner. 

Cal Poly Pomona MSTI