Math and Science Teacher Initiative

CSU Los Angeles

The CSULA MSTI team, comprised of math, science and education faculty members, has worked to expand the current pathways through new and revised curricula. One area of focus has been on the blended programs for secondary and middle school math and science teachers. CSULA has modified the existing blended science degree to accommodate all units within 4 years and has also designed a blended math degree. A combined math and science blended degree for middle school teachers is currently being developed.

These blended degrees allow students to obtain their credential as well as the BA/BS degree within four years. Graduation time can be considerably reduced by focusing on the appropriate coursework for the math and science teachers.

An approach that has characterized the work of the campus is the development and articulation of courses with partner community colleges. CSULA has worked with Pasadena City College on math and science course patterns to simplify the path for teaching majors that transfer to CSULA, particularly for the proposed Blended Math option. The campus scaled up this model to include five other partner colleges and plans to scale it up further in the future.

The campus’ goal is to create streamlined transfer processes for all existing and proposed math and science teaching option degree programs. The MSTI project at CSULA has organized annual Community College Conferences (C³) to strengthen existing CSULA teacher pipelines. The purpose is to inform the community colleges throughout the region of the transfer patterns that conform with the CSU lower division course patterns and of CSULA’s unique programs and opportunities for future math and science teachers.

The campus has established a cross-college Science and Math Teacher Education Center. The purpose of the Center is to advance math and science teacher preparation on the campus and in the region and to establish a long-term program that results in sustained increases in teacher production in these fields.

CSU Los Angeles MSTI