Math and Science Teacher Initiative

Humboldt State

Humboldt State University has established the Humboldt Science and Mathematics Center to provide opportunities and resources for credential candidates and undergraduates interested in science and mathematics education, as well as practicing mathematics and science teachers.  The Center also hosts a number of unique programs in science and mathematics education for both currently practicing and prospective educators.   The School of Education offers credential programs, both regular and foundation level secondary credentials for science and mathematics.

Humboldt State has also created new blended programs in mathematics, biology, chemistry, and physics. The Department of Mathematics at Humboldt State has created a Mathematics Education minor for students who wish to take the CSET exam and gain the Foundational Level Mathematics (FLM) Credential, which students in existing undergraduate elementary and special education have access to as well. 

With the expansion of the existing Service-Learning Fellows Program (SLFP) there is special emphasis on math and science. The SLFP includes four math and science faculty, and serves to assist students considering a career in the teaching. In addition to this program, the Transfer Students Interest Group (TRIG) in Secondary Math and Science Teaching will continue to assist transfer students, especially with placement in fieldwork experience. TRIG provides a similar program for freshmen seeking a career in math and science teaching, with the opportunity to have fieldwork in the middle and high school setting.

Scholarships are available to undergraduates and credential candidates pursuing a career in science or mathematics teaching.  The California Coast Noyce Scholarship program provides financial support for exceptional future mathematics teachers at Humboldt State and our partner campuses at CSU Monterey Bay and CSU Channel Islands.   Internships and field experiences are available in local schools, on campus, and at our local Natural History Museum providing opportunities to work directly students.   Support is also available for those taking CSET exams.

Humboldt State MSTI