Math and Science Teacher Initiative

CSU Dominguez Hills

CSU Dominguez Hills’ MSTI program works closely with Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) in an Intern program that helps to address the needs of LAUSD middle and high schools for additional credentialed math and science teachers. It also coordinates closely with grants the campus has received. CSUDH has received, for example, a large federal Transition to Teaching grant to recruit, train, place, and support math and science teacher candidates. There are on campus and off campus credential options available, including paid internships teaching in LAUSD.

The CSU Dominguez Hills Teacher Education Department has developed a path for liberal studies majors who have a selected mathematics as an option or have a strong background in mathematics to complete the multiple subject credential program and a Foundational Level Math credential. CSUDH has also developed a science option for liberal studies majors for students who are interested in obtaining a multiple subject credential and an additional authorization enabling them to teach middle school science.

CSU Dominguez Hills has created a strong partnership between the College of Education’s Teacher Education Department and the College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences. MSTI has brought together faculty from both colleges to work together to develop new courses that create new options for being math and science teachers, to identify and support MSTI candidates, and to identify strategies to reach out to community colleges and secondary schools.

CSUDH also has provided scholarship support to students as they complete their degree requirements and become math and science teachers. It has been able to do this through the campuses’ Transition to Teaching Program. In addition, the campus has been highly active in ensuring student awareness of and in facilitating students’ receipt of federal student loan cancellation awards.

CSU Dominguez Hills MSTI