Math and Science Teacher Initiative

CSU Channel Islands

The Math and Science Teacher Initiative at California State University Channel Islands brings together university faculty in mathematics, the sciences, and education; university undergraduates and teacher credential candidates in math and science; and local K-12 math and science teachers working on a variety of projects.

Current projects include the creation of new pathways for undergraduate students to become interested in teaching—including working with after school programs and service learning courses that focus on science and nature. Competitive scholarships are awarded to credential candidates pursuing math and science credentials and specializations. CSU Channel Islands has successfully incorporated career-changers from science and technology industries into the Single Subject Credential Program and supported their transitions through the scholarship program.

In Spring 2012, CI MSTI piloted a Learning Assistant (LA) Program for math and science undergraduates to assist university professors in large lecture and laboratory classes. This successful program serves to attract top majors into K-12 teaching while assisting their peers in dialog and problem solving in the discipline.

CSU Channel Islands’ MSTI project co-sponsors general information sessions about the teaching profession for the university and the larger community in addition to fostering partnerships with local community college math and science departments. In conjunction with Moorpark Community College and in consultation with teachers throughout the county, MaST co-sponsored professional workshops and the creation of science kits for local middle school and high school science teachers to engage their students in science activities focused on biotechnology.

Additionally, the MaST website has a link to a lesson plan database for teachers to share lesson plans and teaching ideas. CSU Channel Islands has created a STEM Center on campus with a focus on STEM learning and teaching in addition to providing outreach to our constituents in the county.

CSUCI Math and Science Teacher Initiative