Math and Science Teacher Initiative

CSU Bakersfield

In order to facilitate fellowship and a sense of camaraderie in the program, CSU Bakersfield has developed a cohort-based approach to equipping students with teaching credentials in mathematics and science. CSUB is offering a competitive scholarship to students desiring to obtain a single subject credential in mathematics or the natural sciences, as well as a competitive scholarship for students looking to become highly qualified middle school math or science teachers. CSUB’s MSTI program expanded its focus towards the Subject Matter Authorization (SMA) in Introductory Mathematics, with which any teacher holding any credential can teach all middle school mathematics classes, and up to Algebra I in high school. In a dual role, the SMA in Math also prepares the student to pass the CSET in Foundational Mathematics. In order to address the shortage of qualified middle-school science teachers, CSUB designed a 4-year blended foundational science program where students will obtain a foundational science subject-matter and credential.

CSUB has initiated a partnership with the Kern High School District (KHSD) in which MSTI students tutor 100 hours in a KHSD school. This provides students the much needed hands-on experience and provides them with a mentor within the school system. This partnership, combined with the development and implementation of blended programs in mathematics with credential and foundational level science with credential, has created a new and effortless way for students to obtain their degree and credential simultaneously and in 4 years of study.

CSU Bakersfield has also hosted Education Recruitment Fairs for math and science teacher candidates. These events display the successful partnerships between the campus Career Development Center, School of Education and the California Teacher Recruitment Program. These MSTI program components have enabled large numbers of students planning teaching careers to interact with a range of school districts.

CSU Bakersfield MSTI