Achieving Sustainability

Being effective—doing the right things, and achieving efficiencies—getting things done in a manner that generates the greatest value to the university, must become the focus. Absent recognition of these as guiding principles could only result in what would be in effect indiscriminate cutting of costs. Fiscal sustainability must be the goal.

The CSU seeks to systematically review administrative and financial processes with the goal of identifying and eliminating waste and redundancy, utilizing Lean tools and techniques and similar means. Lean is a process improvement approach and set of methods that seek to eliminate non-value added activities or waste. These and similar efforts can dramatically improve the performance and effectiveness of business processes in a relatively rapid time frame. The CSU will use these tools and techniques to increase transparency and actively engage employees in finding ways to work better and smarter.

Chancellor’s Office Quality Initiatives staff has provided training and coaching assistance to campus process improvement teams and plans to expand this effort through a consortium of Chancellor’s Office and Campus training facilitators.

Last Updated: March 17, 2015