CSU Synergy

A New Direction

Budget Headwinds, Changing Expectations. Opportunities for Transformation.

The Winds of Change

While the CSU remains one of the nation’s most efficient university systems, increasing demand for enrollment, impending budget turmoil, and changing public expectations for universities challenge the CSU to continuously evaluate and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of financial and administrative practices; maximize and leverage resources; and improve its performance to the benefit of students, faculty, staff, and the citizens of California. CSU Synergy seeks to do just that.

A Simple Objective

These dynamic times highlight the need to continually identify new opportunities to increase performance, effectiveness, and efficiencies. In 2009, the university first challenged itself to look for opportunities for Synergy. The objective: lower overall administrative costs without compromising core values and operational excellence.

Transforming the CSU by:

  • Challenging long-standing historic practices
  • Eliminating duplications of effort and administrative silos
  • Looking at possibilities to share services and expertise
  • Creating service centers
  • Leveraging the people and power of the CSU

Opportunities for Synergy

Administrative functions and activities, in many instances, have been operating in silos within and across campuses. The focus has been turned to eliminating redundancies, being effective—doing the right things, achieving efficiencies—and getting things done in a manner that generates the greatest value:

  • Processing of transactions collaboratively enabled by new technologies
  • Creating more efficient and effective operating frameworks
  • Simplifying reporting and compliance requirements
  • Augmenting essential services and eliminating non-essential ones
  • Improving operating and financial metrics/data
  • Consolidating programmatic and project administration activities

Synergy Reports

Last Updated: March 01, 2013