CSU Synergy

Strategic Alignment

The CSU has recognized that improved financial and administrative efficiency is essential to ensuring the fiscal sustainability of the university, and that realignment of the universityís administrative costs, structures, and services must coincide with dramatically lower funding. It is investing in and achieving synergies to effect transformational change. Additionally, the university broadly embraces that it continuously improve administrative performance and services through performance improvement initiatives and synergistic collaborations on and among its 23 campuses and the Chancellorís Office.

Today the CSU is at the tipping point of change and is leveraging its resources to achieve sustainability and is exploring and implementing shared services and administrative commonality, and sound business practices in order to meet increasingly demanding performance and service goals placed upon it. Improving financial and administrative efficiency is saving millions of dollars in financial and administrative costs annually. The changes made in the CSU, however, are not driven solely by budget reductions, but rather by the CSUís strategic vision and mission.

Last Updated: March 04, 2013