Super Sunday

CSU Super Sunday

Super Sunday is a CSU program to connect with and inform African American students and their families about what it takes to get into college.

On Sundays each February, CSU leaders including the chancellor, trustees, presidents and other higher education ambassadors speak at various churches across the state to share information with students, parents and community members about preparing for college, applying to a CSU campus, and financial aid.

The event is part of the CSU African American initiative, which started in 2005 when Chancellor Charles B. Reed and Bishop Charles E. Blake convened community, civic, business and education leaders to develop new ways to educate K-12 students, parents and families about the value of a college degree to ensure a stable future.

A central theme of Super Sunday messages is a call for students to begin planning for college admission as early as middle school and to enroll in challenging classes that prepare them for college.

Now in its ninth year, Super Sunday, which began with 24 churches, has expanded to include approximately 100 churches throughout the state and has led to the development of a companion college fair event held in August, called Super Saturday.

Super Sunday events will be held throughout the state during the month of February 2014:

  • February 9, 16, 23 in Northern California
  • February 9, 16, 23 in Central California
  • February 9, 16, 23 in Southern California

Locations and times

Super Sunday Videos

Super Sunday is an annual program of the CSU Office of External Relations. Visit the External Relations website for more information on programs that serve diverse communities across the state.