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March 2-3

Date Headline
3/3/2009 Greatness through Service
By Charles B. Reed, Chancellor, California State University
3/2/2009 Getting on and Staying on Track
for All

By Ruben Armiñana, President, Sonoma State University

February 23-27

Date Headline
2/27/2009 A Critical Imperative for the Nation: Higher Education
for All

By Mildred García, President, California State University, Dominguez Hills
2/26/2009 Experiencing a Transformation
By Jorge Haynes, External Relations Director; Clara Potes-Fellow, Media Relations Director
2/25/2009 Super Sunday 2009 Takes Steps-to-College Church-to-Church
2/24/2009 We Still Have Much to Do
By Milton A. Gordon, President, California State University, Fullerton
2/23/2009 One Word: Algebra
By James M. Rosser, President, California State University, Los Angeles

February 16-20
Date Headline
2/20/2009 Fulfilling the University's Mission
By Jon Whitmore President, San Jose State University
2/19/2009 Continuing to Prepare Ourselves
By Jerome Vincent Carter Associate Pastor, Worship Center Community Church, Long Beach
2/18/2009 Be Prepared to Succeed
By Carl Ballton, Senior Vice President, Union Bank and President, Union Bank Foundation

2/17/2009 An Invitation to Super Sunday Southern California
By Senior Pastor Wayne Chaney, Jr. of Antioch Church in Long Beach

2/16/2009 Attention Parents: Now is the Time to Prepare
By Pamela Lewis, Super Sunday Volunteer

February 9-13
Date Headline
2/13/2009 College Preparations Begin Now
By Alexander Gonzalez President, California State University, Sacramento
2/12/2009 Yielding Real Results
By Margaret Fortune Trustee, California State University

2/11/2009 An Era of Change
By Dr. Barbara Young, CSU Super Sunday Southern California Coordinator
2/10/2009 Look Ahead and Dream
By Mohammad H. Qayoumi President, California State University, East Bay

2/9/2009 An Invitation to Northern California’s Congregations
By Bishop Yvette Flunder, Senior Pastor of City of Refuge United Church of Christ, San Francisco
February 2-6
Date Headline
2/6/2009 A Million Dollar Decision
By Dr. Albert K. Karnig, President of California State University, San Bernardino

2/5/2009 Extending an Open Hand
By Lou Monville, Trustee, California State University

2/4/2009 Transforming People's Lives
By Keya Allen-Littleton, Super Sunday volunteer

2/3/2009 Unlocking Our Brightest Future
By John Futch, Trustee, San Bernardino Community College District

2/2/2009 A renewed sense of purpose
By Charles B. Reed, CSU Chancellor

January 26-30
Date Headline
1/30/2009 As the calendar turns...
By Erik Fallis, CSU Public Affairs

1/29/2009 How far we've come
By Rosanna Hughes, CSU Academic Outreach
1/28/2009 The countdown is on...
By Teresa Ruiz, CSU Public Affairs

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