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Getting on and Staying on Track
CSULA President James M. Rosser.
Sonoma State University President Ruben Armiņana.

As I walked through the congregation at St. Stephen’s Church in Fairfield, I was pleased to see so many young people in attendance because I had a message for them. I told them that I came to this country from Cuba. My parents sent me to live with an uncle when I was 15—with only a dime in my pocket.

My uncle knew the value of learning and saw to it that I had an excellent educational experience. I graduated high school, went on to college and earned my Ph.D. in Political Science in 1983. I am proud to say that having a solid education changed my life and I wouldn’t have been there talking to them without it.

It is my hope that every young person who wants to can go to college. 

I offered the congregation some advice to get students on the right path. I suggested they start today with the assumption that they would be a college student in a few years and that they should always have dreams and follow them.

To have that 4-year college experience, high school students must take the a-g curriculum, the set of courses that allows them to be eligible to enter a 4-year college after high school. This is a critical step and one sometimes not realized in time. I urged them to study hard, enjoy life and know that there are many people who want them to succeed.

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