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Experiencing a Transformation
Cal State Fullerton President Milton A. Gordon greets Donald Sullivan at Glory Christian Fellowship International Church in Carson. Photo by Stephen Weissbart
Clara Potes-Fellow, CSU media relations director, interviews members of Center of Hope Community Church in Oakland.

In writing this blog entry, we began to think about what ‘education’ means. True education comes down to the transformation of a person. A student becomes a novice, a novice becomes an expert, and an expert becomes a teacher.

Throughout the four years of the CSU African American Initiative, which includes the Super Sunday program, we have witnessed countless transformations. Having watched Chancellor Reed take on the role of an advocate of the community, rallying a congregation to their feet and answering shouts of “Amen,” we have felt truly inspired and transformed.

Cal State Fullerton President Milton A. Gordon greets Donald Sullivan at Glory Christian Fellowship International Church in Carson. Photo by Stephen Weissbart
Jorge Haynes, CSU external relations director, distributes materials to members of West Angeles Cathedral in Los Angeles.

Not infrequently, the passion of a Super Sunday speaker has brought tears to the eyes of those in the congregation.

Across California we’ve seen communities ready for change, hungry for transformation. At the first Super Sunday in West Angeles cathedral the CSU provided a few boxes of materials, thinking what we had would be sufficient. We were cleared out of fliers, posters and cards after the first service.

We went back to the chancellor’s office, loaded up a truck with materials and returned just in time for the end of the second service. Almost beyond belief, we ran out of materials for a second time.

What we hadn’t figured was that the hundreds of families in that church were gathering college-going materials for their relatives, neighbors and co-workers. That day at West Angeles we had spoken to hundreds of people, but our message reached thousands more.
Super Sunday is among the things that make our CSU staff proud of our university system. Throughout the month of February we truly live our mission of access to a better future through education.

Super Sunday is increasing in momentum, because Super Sunday volunteers are transformed by the experience, and return ready to serve year after year. In 70 churches this February, 71 speakers and 220 volunteers reached congregations representing over 90,000 people. 

The energy of Super Sunday also continues throughout the year. Church educational liaisons go through college counseling training sessions. The university invites church partners to CSU Counselor Conferences. And this summer we started Summer Algebra Institutes for students in middle schools.

Super Sunday came about because CSU leaders listened to leaders in the community. The chancellor and campus presidents continue to meet regularly with pastors to discuss better preparing students for college after graduating high school.

We endeavor to transform the CSU partnerships with churches and communities into opportunities for students to advance their education and achieve ever brighter futures.

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