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Pastor Jerome Vincent Carter of Worship Center Community Church in Long Beach
Pastor Jerome Vincent Carter of Worship Center Community Church in Long Beach.
Continuing to Prepare Ourselves

As Super Sunday approaches, the buzz is in the air and excitement fills the pews of the Worship Center Community Church.  It’s hard to believe that a University President will be visiting our church to recruit and inform students of the benefits of attending one of the many California State Universities.

How special and privileged we feel to be included in the group of churches that will be exposed to this type of educational encounter during church!  We have always looked forward to our youth attending college and now college is coming to visit us at our place of worship.

How thankful we are at the Worship Center as we prepare for our visit.  Parents are thankful because we know this presentation is specifically to recruit African American male and female students.  The youth feel extremely fortunate and blessed because this Super Sunday is set aside specifically to encourage and challenge them to attend a four year California State University.

Now as February 22, 2009 approaches we will continue to prepare ourselves.  We will make sure the bulletins are stuffed with flyers promoting the big day.  We will make sure our youth prepare themselves by staying focused as they attend each and every class at their respective high schools.  Just like the Steelers and the Cardinals put on an excellent show on Super Bowl Sunday, at the Worship Center we are preparing to put on an equally impressive exhibition; however on this Super Sunday everyone who participates will win.  A college education is the ultimate prize!  Let us continue to prepare.


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