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Be Prepared to Succeed
President Mohammad H. Qayoumi of Cal State East Bay
Carl Ballton of Union Bank Foundation.

When asked to participate in the Cal State University system Super Sunday program, an excellent recruiting effort, I accepted with pleasure.  It is more critical now than ever to make sure all of our youth have access to and know the importance of a good college education, an essential survival tool in our fast-changing world.  As change is embraced by our nation, especially with the Obama Administration, let’s continue to motivate and prepare our young people for college.  Families, community and business leaders, mentors -- we must all do our part to support and inspire them. 

While it seems like light years ago when I attended college (electronic calculators were a big deal back then), all of the learnings still apply.  Solid written and verbal communications skills, knowing how to adapt to technological advancements, staying connected to the community -- these are all elements developed and strengthened by a college education. 

I’m committed to fostering community outreach and education in my various roles, including as president of the Union Bank Foundation, chairman of the Deacon Board and Brotherhood Organization for the West Angeles Church of God in Christ, and as board chairman of the Los Angeles Urban League.  Like all of the Super Sunday participants and supporters, I want to help instill our young people with the proper tools to succeed -- greatness is on the horizon.

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