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An Era of Change
President Mohammad H. Qayoumi of Cal State East Bay
Senior Pastor Raymond Turner of Temple Missionary Baptist Church in San Bernardino.

This past Sunday, those of us from the CSU had the great privilege of being hosted by Temple Missionary Baptist Church in San Bernardino.

President Albert K. Karnig of Cal State San Bernardino addressed a packed house during the 9:30 a.m. youth service. To rounds of applause and shouts of Amen, the president spoke of an era of revolutionary change. “Moments like these can change history, but only if they’re seized. Only if you capture them,” he said.

I was especially glad that we were there for the youth service. From the choir’s joyful singing behind the pastor, to the praise dancers in the aisles and the greeters at the doorway – Temple Missionary highlighted the hope, ambition and strong spirit of youth.

Under the watchful eye of Senior Pastor Raymond Turner and Youth Pastor David Mackenzie, the congregation celebrated the achievements of those students who were excelling in school and in life. A round of applause for scoring an A+ on a research paper, another for a college acceptance letter, and still another for making the honor roll.

It was clear that the college-going culture was alive and thriving in this house of worship. One man we had the privilege to meet was Raymond Mitchell, a community college student who is interested in pursuing a 4-year degree.

When asked why a college education was important, Raymond responded, “so [my children] can have a better life… and know that the sky is the limit.” He continued to say that Dr. Karnig’s participation in Super Sunday opened the door for people from the church to go to CSUSB.

“I want a degree, a bachelor’s to put on my wall… open my mind to bigger things,” said Raymond. He wants his children to see the hard work he is putting into college, and how that dedication pays off. Raymond is blazing a path for the next generation. All of us here at Cal State wish him the best.

I later spoke to two young female high school students who emphasized that “they” were going to a CSU. Dr. Karnig had emphasized in his remarks, “we don’t care where you go, but get a college education.” 

A college education is what will lead to a quality life and allow our young people to have a better future and make a contribution to our communities, our state, our nation, and the world. And, to that, we can all say AMEN.

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