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Look Ahead and Dream
President Mohammad H. Qayoumi of Cal State East Bay
President Mohammad H. Qayoumi of California State University, East Bay.

There is an elementary school in Oakland where a sixth grade teacher has decided to name her classroom after Cal State East Bay as part of that school’s effort to create a college-going culture for students.

The teacher and her students are decorating their classroom at Elmhurst Community Prep Middle School with Cal State East Bay posters, pennants and other items to remind themselves of the importance of goal-setting and how preparation, even in middle school, is the key to getting into college.

“We’re hoping to create a future class of CSUEB students,” the teacher told us.

These youngsters are learning a valuable lesson at a school where positive reinforcement is considered fundamental in order for students to dream, plan for, and achieve their goals. Every student graduates ready to continue their college preparation in high school.

Elmhurst School recognizes that preparation for college requires not only teaching students skills and habits to excel academically, but teachers who work collaboratively, and the involvement of parents, guardians and the community.

This is also the theme of Super Sunday. On Feb. 15, representatives of the California State University System will address congregations at 41 Northern California churches, most of them in the East Bay, urging these communities to be the leading encouragers to young people to prepare for college.

One of the churches where I will speak on Super Sunday is just a couple of miles from Elmhurst Middle School. I hope the students and their teachers will take pride knowing that in my remarks I will congratulate them for looking ahead and dreaming of what a college education will mean for them and their families.

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