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Extending an Open Hand
California State University Trustee Lou Monville
California State University Trustee Lou Monville

I have been privileged to participate in events for a number of important causes during my involvement with the CSU. Super Sunday stands out among these events, because it serves the cause of access to higher education so strongly.

I believe in access. Previously as a member of the Board of Governors for the Community Colleges, and now as a CSU trustee, I have often advocated policies that protect access and quality in California higher education.

We have built great systems of public colleges and universities in this state. These higher education systems are unrivaled in the nation. College is there for all those in California who seize the opportunity.

As a graduate of a CSU campus, I was aided in my own Cal State journey by family, advisors and mentors who invested in my success. What I sensed in the churches hosting Super Sunday is a commitment to invest in the success of the college-going men and women in their community.

This commitment is shown in the educational liaisons that churches have appointed. Commitment is also evident when these liaisons attend workshops and counselor conferences hosted by the CSU and then return to share their lessons learned with the church congregations.

The commitment of Cal State leadership is to extend an open hand to all those who would seek to better themselves and their neighbors. Super Sunday embodies that commitment and stands as an example of what meaningful partnership can achieve.

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