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Transforming People’s Lives
Super Sunday Volunteer Keya Allen-Littleton
Super Sunday Volunteer
Keya Allen-Littleton

When I was asked to write this blog for Super Sunday I began to reflect on my life as a member of Antioch Church of Long Beach and the transformation it has gone through as well as my personal transformation. I have been a member of Antioch for 31 years, back when it was Antioch Missionary Baptist Church. I went to Sunday school there, I was baptized there, I sang in the youth choir and I was married by the church’s pastor. The church congregation was at one time large, then small, then large again. We were shaken by the death of Reverend Joe Chaney but renewed by his grandson Pastor Wayne Chaney, Jr.

Through that transformation I can only remember the extraordinary teachers and lessons that I learned within the church. The achievements of students of all grade levels were highlighted. High School seniors were praised and supported when choosing to take their education to the next level. College students came back and were my teachers and future mentors. Preparing for college within the church was never a burden or a pressure it was an assumption. The assumption was that every young adult within the church would have an opportunity to further their education, be it junior college, trade school or a four year university.

Building a strong academic foundation based on biblical principles is the most important role of today’s churches when it comes to young adults. Having study groups, computer labs, tutors and mentors are imperative. A church congregation has a wealth of opportunities. The congregation alone contains doctors, lawyers, counselors, teachers and more. A church could not do better than to produce and prepare young adults for college. Those same young people continue with the positive reinforcement they were given and they become valuable citizens. It is a win win situation.

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