Super Sunday Blog

Unlocking Our Brightest Future
Trustee John Futch
San Bernardino Community College
District Trustee John Futch.

I am so pleased that Cal State leaders are visiting our inland community. We have great potential, but too much of what we could be has not been realized. Unlocking our brightest future requires united action by our community’s civic leaders, businesses, colleges and universities.

For nine years I worked at Cal State San Bernardino. I spent many of those years directing the Cross-Cultural Center, and serving as a mentor to students. I learned something very important during that time – culture matters.

What is culture? It isn’t the color of your skin, and it isn’t about being a hyphenated American. Culture comes from the lessons handed down by parents, churches, employers and neighbors.

As a mentor, I witnessed the real power of a college-going culture. When a student is supported and encouraged to go to college and to succeed in college the results are life changing.

I challenge everyone who participates in Super Sunday, whether you are seated in the audience or standing at the podium, to become an agent of a college-going culture. The task is simple. If a student needs your help, offer it. If a student doesn’t need your help, offer it anyway.

Your concern is a powerful force in the lives of these young people. They will face struggles from every angle: academic, economic, and emotional. They will sometimes want to quit, get sidetracked or procrastinate. Don’t let them.

You are the agent of a renewed culture. You are the key to a brighter future.

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