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A Renewed Sense of Purpose
Chancellor Reed addresses a full congregation at First AME Church in Los Angeles, CA.
Chancellor Reed addresses a full congregation
at First AME Church in Los Angeles, CA.

Welcome to California State University’s Super Sunday website, and our Super Sunday blog.

Super Sunday is always a great way to start the year. I personally feel a renewed sense of purpose after speaking in front of a congregation and meeting with parents, students, community and religious leaders. It is truly reaffirming of the university’s mission of access and academic excellence.

For the last four years, in scores of churches throughout the state, Cal State leaders have issued a call to action: "Now is the time to prepare for college!"

This year, our university executives will be guests in your churches during an historic time. African American men and women hold positions of power in corporate boardrooms, academic institutions, and in the halls of government, including the White House. These people have risen to power not by the color of their skin, but by their talents and character.

Yet, we’ve also seen economic despair that has disproportionately struck minority communities. Homes have been lost by many, and the dream of home ownership lost by many more. Those families planning for college now too often face job loss and financial crisis. In fact, our university has shared in the economic pain as California tries to fix a broken budget.

Nothing we face is so dire, however, to give up the dream of a college education. This is when our common commitment is tested, and I will endeavor to do all in my power to ensure our hard won gains are not lost in these troubled times.

I’m committed to securing financial aid for our neediest students while ensuring a quality education and college experience. Your commitment is needed in continuing to inspire our young people to plan ahead to fulfill their dreams.

I invite congregation members, community leaders, parents, students, educators and neighbors to attend a Super Sunday service and become involved in shaping young lives for the better. You can help make the dream of college a reality.

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