Information Security Office

Who We Are

Information Security Management (ISM) provides leadership in the development, delivery, implementation, and enforcement of a comprehensive information security program to the CO and CSU Systemwide. ISM provides:

  • A systematic approach of managing security risks,
  • Guidance on certifying and accrediting information systems, and
  • Information security advice on mechanisms to protect and maintain the integrity of CO data, infrastructure, systems, applications and physical assets.

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  • Ed Hudson, Chief Information Security Officer
    (562) 951-8431
  • Leslie DeCato, Application Security Manager
    (562) 951-8471
  • George McCalmon, Information Security Manager
    (562) 951-4202
  • Allen Le, Application Security Architect
    (562) 951-4816
  • Mark Mason, Information Security Analyst
    (562) 951-4380

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