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Admission Handbook (Undergraduate)
Application (Undergraduate) Form
Application (Graduate) Form
Apply Online Freshman Instructions
Apply Online Transfer Instructions
California Colleges Planning Tool - Coming Soon
Campus Information Directory
CSU-UC a-g Subject Requirements
EOP Application Booklet (Instructions and Forms)
Focus on English
Focus on Mathematics
Local Admission and Service Areas

Information Resources

Apply to the CSU
Application Status (Open/Closed)
Apply for Financial Aid
Campus Admission Specific Practices (CASPER)
Cost of Attendance
CourseMatch (Cross-Campus Enrollment)
Degrees/Majors Search
Eligibility Index (Residents)
Eligibility Index (Nonresidents)
Freshman Admission Requirements
How to Get to College Guide
Impacted Campuses at CSU
Impacted Programs Matrix
Impaction Information
Impaction Search - Campus/Major
Nondiscrimination Policy
Preparing for the CSU
Residency for Tuition Purposes
Transfer Requirements
UC a-g Guide

Programs and Services

Associate Degrees for Transfer
Early Assessment Program
Early Start Program
Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)
English Placement Test (EPT)
English Success
Entry Level Mathematics (ELM)
Foster Youth Programs
Mathematics Success
Outreach/Admissions/Financial Aid
Services to Students with Disabilities
Veterans/Troops to College

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