Educational Opportunity Program

How to Apply

Apply to EOP
Applicants must complete the EOP portion of the Cal State Apply application.

All EOP applicants must submit the application materials requested by the campus Admission and EOP Offices. Applicants must submit the materials requested by the Financial Aid Office if they wish to be considered for an EOP grant or other financial assistance. You are required to include your social security number on EOP forms by authority contained in Title V, California Code of Regulations, Section 41201.

Admission Materials

Apply for admission electronically at Cal State Apply:

  1. Completed application for admission, including the EOP portion;
  2. Pay the $55 CSU application fee, unless you are eligible for an application fee waiver;
  3. Submit high school and/or college transcripts when notified by the campus; and
  4. Submit SAT or ACT test score when notified by the campus.

EOP Materials

In addition to submitting an application according to the steps above, applicants must complete the EOP portion of the application, including:

  1. Two recommendations
  2. Five autobiographical questions

To determine if the CSU that you are interested in applying to is accepting EOP applications, please review